Silent Scream

Savoring the silence, and the firm unnoticed twisting of my tongue. I believe it’s best this way, speaking only when needed, when my thoughts can’t help but go berserk. I’m convinced it’s best to keep things to yourself since nobody cares anyway. And even if they’d do, they can’t lessen your grievances, pain, frustration and […]

Here’s to what this blog is about ;)

Managing to walk healthy, goofy and perky on sharp branches everyday The leaf stays independent and strong It stays shiny and sturdy despite the birds bumping into it. It keeps on smiling despite the intermittent huge blow of the wind. It was honed to be talented, bright and well-mannered. But it doesn’t have it all […]

White Fang: A Book Review

Eat or Be Eaten London, J. (1906). White Fang. United States: Macmillan. Just like men, White Fang is bound to adapt in any circumstance or place he goes through. Jack London used a wolf to describe how men are shaped by nature and how men deal with and learn about the rules of this world. […]

Lira (Linagan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo)

Lira (Linagan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo), the oldest Filipino poetry group arranged the 21st Sining ng Tugma at Sukat workshop last August 27, 2012 at Philippine High School for the Art’s Cafeteria. Sining ng Tugma at Sukat is a program done by LIRA that began since 2008. They wanted to advocate Filipino to be used widely, […]