The Imitation Game Movie Review

Maybe it’s true that people criminalize one who has won a war, saved thousands of lives, contributed a revolutionary literature in scientific inquiry, and caused a city to exist ’til today, but honor those who stole millions from people, preys on the state and its resources and do injustice to the poor. This is evident […]


How many congested prison cells Dead men on the street to startle our blank minds on a good day walk Urban poor protesters facing waves of terror from the police Squatters sprayed with tear gas when fighting against illegal demolition Sidewalk vendors losing their goods after being sprayed with kerosene by the MMDA Farmers and […]

Reaction on Making a City Livable

One thing that each one wishes for is to have a better, albeit not luxurious, place to live in. By having that vision, safety, security, education, health, respected culture, recreation, equitable transportation systems, environment, nature, responsive urban design, political economic stability, and pro-active disaster policies arevitally involved. These things could only be catapulted to the […]

Art as Communal to Art as an Individual Expression

  The performances and exhibitions before the Spaniards came into the picture of the Philippines’ history were communal. When you say communal, the members of a local community will come together and express concerns or issues through an artistic process. This procedure acts as a catalyst to trigger issues, events or changes within a community. […]