Unveiling Cebuano Culture during American Period and Today Thru Cebuano Publications

  The Philippines was colonized by Spaniards through spiritual devotion and by Americans through education in order to attain ‘economic supremacy’. To write and to speak are the best things the Filipino nationalists thought of doing in order to resist and react to the Spaniards and Americans. The emancipation fervor of young Cebuano writers from […]

Of Philippine Star

Ruthy Mae Valdez 15, Theater Ruthy Mae “Kitty” Valdez is a long way from her home in Cagayan de Oro, where it was a grade school science teacher that actually pushed her to audition. “Before, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I started studying with no theater background.” This left her feeling nervous […]

How I Was and How I Want my Life to be Lived

Sixteen years ago, I was a subtle woman who wore a mask to hide my feelings that wanted to be flaunted so grave; they are so palpable in any feature of my face. Back then, I see myself standing in shame, being an underdog, being bullied, being pulled down even when I’m already at rock […]

Reaction on Making a City Livable

One thing that each one wishes for is to have a better, albeit not luxurious, place to live in. By having that vision, safety, security, education, health, respected culture, recreation, equitable transportation systems, environment, nature, responsive urban design, political economic stability, and pro-active disaster policies arevitally involved. These things could only be catapulted to the […]

A Reflection on the Essays Nature and Three Days to See

Through the essays titled Three Days to See by Hellen Keller and Nature by Ralph Emerson, I noted threeeruditions on my list. Before I go through my list, let me quote Ralph Emerson. “Yet it is certain that the power to produce this delight, does not reside in nature, but in man, or in a […]

Conservatives and Modernists

Heading the conservative way in making works of art, Fernando Amorsolo and Guillermo Tolentino were challenged by VictorioEdades’ modern way. The conservatives follow the classical Greek style of realism which follows some rule and perspective and shows the ideal beauty of the Philippine landscape and the Philippine rural life. On the other hand, the modernists […]

Relationship between Industrialization, urbanization, &Pre-conquest Filipinos

Environmental effects of industrialization were concentrated in cities. Urbanization is the process of transforming an uncivilized area into a developed city. Then, industrialization and urbanization are really connected. To make these terms possible, science is needed. Science’s products such as machines have helped us work conveniently, but these had never been scrutinized for their flaws. […]