I lost many things that I don’t know what to hold anymore. I lost friends, ’cause I knew they aren’t real. I veer off them every time they insist they don’t understand me. I just want to be understood. I lost my identity, ’cause I need money to maintain it, and I still have to […]

My First Semester Experience in the University of the Philippines, Cebu

I’m still a child—since I’m not yet on my eighteenth year—who is still ignorant of some realities of this world. I am a child who has to be independent on some aspects, but has to be dependent on the things that surround her like society, professors, classmates, etc. And in these contradictory challenges I am […]

The Queen and The Rebels

The latest production in which I played Argia. This production, together with all the artistic and production staff, enabled me to plunge into Argia’s gory and deep yet fascinating and mind-opening life.

To Argia: Thank you for the couple of months of letting me borrow your life. It really was a pleasure to disseminate your story’s political message.
(When I sound romantic. hihi)

Of Philippine Star

Ruthy Mae Valdez 15, Theater Ruthy Mae “Kitty” Valdez is a long way from her home in Cagayan de Oro, where it was a grade school science teacher that actually pushed her to audition. “Before, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I started studying with no theater background.” This left her feeling nervous […]