New Trend: Being in a Relationship

Being in a relationship is becoming a trend. It has now become a symbol for some–a symbol of belonging. It allows people to showoff that somebody actually liked or loved him/her. It also lessens people’s list of insecurities as they start to realize that someone can actually appreciate him/her despite being flawed.

This is evident in how couples nowadays post photos of the two of them when dating, and status containing their message for their partner. Now, you can hardly pinpoint a couple that doesn’t make their relationship known to the public. You can now easily determine if one’s in a relationship or not. You can just check it on people’s Facebook or Instagram account. And if a certain couple is really private, or is more than friends but less than a couple, just read through the comments sections of their posts. Their friends will give you clues about their status.

With the prevalent pop culture that Filipinos call, “Hugots”, one can understand where this being-in-a-relationship-trend is coming from. Almost everyone can relate to “Hugots” or bitter or melancholic quotes, but if people would know you’re way too in love and happy with your relationship, then you have something people are dreaming to have. For some, although some could be denying it, nothing could be more satisfying than being cared for, accompanied wherever you go, checked out, called before bedtime, and anything in between.

But this is not to discredit the love that people in a relationship have. Most people are in a relationship, not because it gives them a trophy or because it’s a necessity, but because they love each other. It’s just that, being in a relationship is something most people want to be in.


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