How many congested prison cells

Dead men on the street to startle our blank minds on a good day walk

Urban poor protesters facing waves of terror from the police

Squatters sprayed with tear gas when fighting against illegal demolition

Sidewalk vendors losing their goods after being sprayed with kerosene by the MMDA
Farmers and fishermen losing their livelihood in exchange of private infrastructures

Lumads killed in their peaceful mundane day for a mining corporation’s whims

Street children running around the streets

Do we need

To make us realize that criminalizing the poor would force them to actually commit crimes and would show how influenced we are by American’s racialization

That by unceasingly portraying the poor as lumpen, uncritical and irrational in the media,  we taint their image as humans, deny them their rights, and draw them away from job and scholarship opportunities.

What kind of violence and corruption,

How many billions of cash

Can satisfy our greedy souls,

Can stimulate us to give a little genuine heart to the poor



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