Dear Future

I thought I’ve figured you out. In my last year in high school, I already have a life timeline. I thought of going to college, pursuing acting, being part of a theater company, breathing, living life to the full. But things didn’t go as I want it to. You are full of surprises. You have this way of leading me to the great unknown and leave me there to discover things. I didn’t apprehend that immediately.

Before, when things didn’t happen as planned, I got depressed and found the wrong ways to escape from it. I stumbled in the midst of the journey. But I think that’s the best thing about you. You surprise us, allow us to make mistakes, and teach us what we ought to learn.

No, I won’t ever figure you out. I still don’t understand what purpose these challenges I face serve. I don’t know what will happen next. But I think that’s the best thing in life–we tread on a new and uncomfortable path, we stumble, we strive, we learn, and our journey continues as a cycle.


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