On extra-judicial killings in the PH

Some question why we should fight for the human rights of the drug addicts–since those who are killed are alleged drug addicts–when they tend to rape, snatch, or kill when they’re high. Some even say na if only we were once a victim of the crimes these drug addicts have done, we won’t join rallies against extra-judicial killings, and we’d rather hope for them to be killed.

On the other hand, the opposition says an extra-judicial killings protest isn’t a fight against drugs. They fight for human rights, freedom and protection especially now that anyone can be killed without being proven guilty. Those who are killed could only be accused of illegal drug usage.

I have one theory for this issue. Maybe PH gov’t has a secret agency that investigates the workings of drug lords and its subjects. And the relatives of those who are killed only say their loved one isn’t a drug pusher because they can’t accept what happened to their relative. THIS IS JUST A THEORY, and whatever the truth is, we’ll never know–until it’s revealed. Our president and our chief police ensured they’re against vigilantism, though.

But my stand is this. Regardless of the crime that one has committed, I don’t think it’s just to end someone’s life. Whether one uses illegal drugs or not, I believe killing that person isn’t our sole solution. And, no matter how sinful or worthless a person is, one still has the right to life, protection and freedom. If you read the list of human rights and our rights in the constitution, you wouldn’t see there that criminals are exempted from these rights. I’m not fighting for them; of course, they have to pay for all their wrongs. But who are we to kill a human being? Don’t we have other ways to penalize them? What do we do to people who are only accused, but are killed?

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