Art is a way of life.

Art is more than performing, entertaining, showing off skills and techniques you rehearsed for years, and educating.
Art is a way of life. br> It doesn’t just teach people values; it guides them to the path of mundane daily routines we grow out off or we barely notice. This is why artworks ideally have texture, layer, depth, substance, and anything in between.
Therefore, art is not about displaying the extraordinary, green and nude.
A penis being projected in a gallery isn’t necessrily considered a substantially great artwork just because it’s taboo.
Meanwhile, a toilet bowl enclosed with glass which was declared by an established artist as art is high art. (Like the artwork titled ‘The Urinal’) It is so because of the meaning, depth and issue it depicts, embodies and addresses. (Artists can distinguish which “artworks” have depth and are qualified as a work of art)
For all these reasons, high art are usually incomprehensible and unabsorbable. It can have several meanings, as interpretation is left to its spectators. It’s also because artists are torn between the desire to hide and communicate.
Nevertheless, art has been a tool to effect revolutionary change, especially during Martial Law in the Philippines’ Marcos’ regime and during the French revolution.
(The great plebeian, Andres Bonifacio was once a theater actor)
I attribute these inputs to my Art Studies professor, Donna Miranda.


Marcel Duchamp’s Urinal


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