Here’s to what this blog is about ;)

Managing to walk healthy, goofy and perky on sharp branches everyday
The leaf stays independent and strong
It stays shiny and sturdy despite the birds bumping into it.
It keeps on smiling despite the intermittent huge blow of the wind.
It was honed to be talented, bright and well-mannered.

But it doesn’t have it all as it seems.
Just like anyone else, it covets for something it can’t explain.
Maybe something imperceptible.
It enjoyed all the scenes it used to come up with in its tiny instinct.
But it doesn’t like imaginary. It wants something real, and genuine, and incessant.
Something worth keeping and treasuring.

It’s the fear of getting hurt, of regrets and of loneliness that keeps it indecisive, image-conscious and incapable of unleashing the wishes and dreams that are in it.

But now, it’s tired of thinking how to fit in.
It’s tired of overthinking about how others see and react to its mundane actions.
It’s tired of having stage fright.
It’s tired of being unvocal.
It’s tired of fearing failure and rejection.
It’s tired of the people who keep on saying it has to stay strong and courageous because it’s the character inherent to it.
Staying strong is what keeps it going, but it doesn’t change anything; it isn’t like its dreams would turn to reality if it stays strong.
Even staying awake the whole night wouldn’t change a thing.
“People see me different from how I perceive myself”, it says.

It just wants to live and cherish every moment, believing everything works for good.

Yes I’m that leaf.
The poem describes how I see myself in my journey in this overwhelming real world. The words expressed and used in the poem are much personal to me; it’s what came out of my mind when I keep on staring at the ceiling.
Maybe some of you can relate to the poem once in their life, maybe some can’t. That’s something I’m not certain about, but I’m convinced with the saying, “the more personal, the more universal”.
Given that, this blog will be filled with my late night thoughts about arts, theater, politics, and community molding; among which interest me. Posts about theater and arts here show how inclined I am to the said fields and how open I am to opportunities of acting in a production. Read my About page for more details ;))
Other than that, I post deeply heart-felt midnight contemplation which I express through poetry and to which I hope you can relate.
Instead of just keeping my contemplation or midnight emotional thoughts to myself, I decided to post it in public. I want my voice to be heard, and to hear other voices in return. So feel free to comment in any of my post and share your thoughts.
So, to those who are kinda strewsed or tired,
To those who keep their hearts strong,
To those who learn to love themselves
To those who want to look at the brighter side of things,
This blog would let you know that you’re not alone. Be convinced that the more personal a thing is, the more personal it is.
Good night!


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