They said it’s my birthday

Ano nga ba ang mayroon sa birthday? Oo, ito ang araw kung kailan tayo binigyan ng pagkakataon ng Diyos na matikman ang sarap ng kanyang pagmamahal. Pero do we really need to celebrate this every year? Do we need to be greeted by people we thought we know us? To what extent should we enjoy this day?

Birthday konabukas. October 13, 06:11 pm. I don’t know what to do tomorrow. I want it to be something remarkable. Or does it have to be remarkable? I had birthdays that were so remarkable, and I had some that were just simple and plain. The remarkable ones always flash in my mind now. I want it to happen again. I really miss those moments. I have this feeling that I don’t deserve to enjoy that day, but it seemed like everyone around you want you to. Sometimes, when my mood is not in good condition, I convince myself not to care about things, or even my birthday. I even question why on Earth we need to celebrate it.

My mind may form so many questions with subjective answers. But there’s this one thing that I am sure of: I am grateful that I saw today’s sun to rise. God gave me another chance to change my sins, stop my unpleasant habits, and love every child of God more.

Thanks to You, Lord!

Also to all who helped me stand up, cope up and fight, thank you.


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