Situation of the Filipino Youth

Because of the talk conducted by Miss DyanGumanao last August 27, 2014 about the Situation of the Youth and of Miss Phoebe Sanchez about the epidemic Pork Barrel Scam in the Philippines, I thought of dredging up Ralph Emerson’s essay titled Nature, and found a line that would best describe my suggestion to how we will face the challenges that the Filipino youth are facing nowadays, and to what should we bedoing to address these changes.

“The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken . . . , is because man is disunited with himself.”

Our country’s system of education, employment, health and social services, housing and democratic rights are things that are required to have an additional work on. Instead of talking over the situation of the youth in this paper, I would expound my suggestion for the betterment of the lives of the Filipino youth. This suggestion is my response to the discussed phenomena revolving in the lives of the youth, specifically to ones residing in the Philippines. This idea I have is not a direct action that would immediately change the world, but most assuredly, it is an initial action thateven persons aging from 15 to 30 could do, and that would take us to the upward mobility weever dreamed of. This initial action is but an easy task to do. And this tedious task is to be united with one’s self.

What has being united with one’s self got to do with the improvement of our country’s system of the sectors stated above? According to Emerson in his quote written above—which is also my stand—being united with one’s self is where unity of the world comes from. Beforeexpecting other people to make a change for the better, we must first have ourselves checked. Also, in order to develop a country and its programs, the ones occupying it must be united, and move as one. A group of students, teachers, thinkers or artists will never beenough to start a change. Everyone must participate. Doing team building activities in a small community will contribute a lot. Without being cynical, we must at least try to be united with ourselves so we could also be united with other people. By being united with ourselves, I mean to have the right attitude. Based on my faith, I could say that having theright attitude is living with the fruits of the Spirit, which are love, peace, joy, gentleness, kindness, longsuffering, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. If only we love others as we love ourselves, we won’t have the urge to steal from them. If only we live with peace, joy, self-control and kindness, wecan be content of what we have, think clearly, and work better. If only we try hard to be gentle, kind and good to others, we’ll think of nothing but of their good. If only we stay faithful to whoever or whatever we believe in (by this, I pertain to someone or something that does goodness to everyone, and not to yourself alone), we’ll do everything just to have the right character. And lastly, if we only accept the fact that longsuffering is a normal thing in any man’s life, we’ll look at the brighter side of things, instead of having suicide or crime as an option.

Doing the said initial action is never easy. Filipinos are known for having a crab mentality, so it might be difficult for us to live with the fruits of the Spirit. But, it is not impossible for us to prove other races wrong. If others did develop, why can’t we?


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