Reaction on Making a City Livable

One thing that each one wishes for is to have a better, albeit not luxurious, place to live in. By having that vision, safety, security, education, health, respected culture, recreation, equitable transportation systems, environment, nature, responsive urban design, political economic stability, and pro-active disaster policies arevitally involved. These things could only be catapulted to the desired development if everyone lends a hand.

Dredging up efficient and direct actions could do a great help to make Cebu a more livable place—this is the main thing that I get from the seminar last Wednesday when we were divided into groups and were asked to list down things we could do as an individual to make Cebu livable. What we discussed on that day triggered us to ponder on the things that surround us. Although we are just mere and young members of the society, we felt the weight of the world, specifically in Cebu. If Cebu alone has a heavy suitcase on hand, I couldn’t imagine how much weight the whole world carries. Afterwards, wethought of thinking about the basic things we could do. We were reminded that just by simply observing proper waste management matters. Going down thejeepney and peeing at the appropriate places, digging up garbage scattered on sewages, planting trees, sharing our knowledge to the out-of-school-youth, participating in disaster and risk drills, cooperating with the government’s advises in times of natural calamity, abiding in the laws, respecting one another, volunteering to social works were just a number of things we had on our list. The things we listed are quite simple that could not immediately change the world, but are what we deemed to contribute a lot especially if everyone does it. Each one ought to be thoughtful of others.No matter how we brainstormed and what wetalked about, our ideas are superfluous if those are not materialized.Sometimes, we are better in words than in actions. We are good at debating about things, but are poor in putting our arguments into actions. We often just want to justify ourselves.

One thing that annoyed me in our discussion was that some tends to contrast our country to other countries. Many think other countries’ system of the concerns stated above work better, and look down on our country, wherein we reside.We were even the ones who try to destroy our country, unminding its aftermath that would seriously affect the next generations. We think only of our own good.We also think others are way better than us. As a result, we became fanatics of foreign products. This is one of the problems of the Filipino’s mentality; we don’t love our placeenough. We lack appreciation to what’s ours. Our country can actually be way better than just being an overseas workers sender, an importer of goods or products with raw materials that were actually made by us, a sheep of styles from other countries and the like; we just don’t know how, when and where to be upgraded.

Despite the age, the youth is notexempted of being a catalyst for Cebu’s development. Their small actions can represent as their voice that can beeventually noticeable if everyonecooperates. Because they are going to be the future politicians, managers, employees and employers, teachers, doctors, engineers, architects, free lancers and communicators, they are also the hope of our country as the future depends on them.


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