Of Philippine Star

Ruthy Mae Valdez 15, Theater

1skkRuthy Mae “Kitty” Valdez is a long way from her home in Cagayan de Oro, where it was a grade school science teacher that actually pushed her to audition. “Before, I didn’t know what I wanted to be. I started studying with no theater background.” This left her feeling nervous among peers and teachers who were much more experienced than she was. Fast forward to present day: Kitty’s senior year. She has more than a few productions under her belt, including AngBaldadong Isla Palasan, Basyang, and LukaretngIntramuros. Her favorite production was Ondine: AngNimfangLawa, in which she scored the lead role and brought the audience to tears. “We just wanted the people to feel something, and some said they cried after the show. So I felt like we met our goal.” And while she may have been undecided before, she now confidently says, “I want to be an actor.” — ARIANNA DEL ROSARIO


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