A Reflection on the Essays Nature and Three Days to See

Through the essays titled Three Days to See by Hellen Keller and Nature by Ralph Emerson, I noted threeeruditions on my list. Before I go through my list, let me quote Ralph Emerson.

“Yet it is certain that the power to produce this delight, does not reside in nature, but in man, or in a harmony of both.”

Firstly and Secondly, I learned that it’s not any tempest in life that matters, but man’s state of mind or simply attitude towards it, and the best way of thinking is the optimists’ way. For example, if a woman doesn’t think she’s pretty, then she will never be or feel like it. But if she optimistically bears in mind the opposite thing, she would feel better. She would already be content of what God gave her. Another good example is a student who didn’t pass a certain college entrance exam. The failure of passing an exam is really depressing and ego-downing, especially for those who took it seriously. But only if one knows how to be optimistic about things and how to look at itsbright side (which I was reminded of, thirdly), he will not confine himself in a room and wear a frown on his face ‘til he’s over it. After all, there is something more to life than what is actually happening.

Surely, there is beauty in everything, and it is something that each creature must be delighted of. However, this beauty can only be boundless in the eyes of the people who live with an appreciative mind. The concept of beauty may depend on the harmony of man and the actual thing, but at most times, it does depend on man alone. In this, which explains Emerson’s quote written above, is where the first two learning on my list came from. Accordingly doing thesethree things I was reminded of will do a great change in our way of living. Each of us will be more appreciative towards things. Everyone’s going to feel moored in the world of contentment and enjoyment. It is difficult and idealistic, I know, but nothing’s going to be taken away from us if we give it a try. And if it is idealistic, then why can’t we run the race to our ideals? By this, I mean to chase after limitless possibilities. It is never impossible to be victorious in the said race. Also, by thinking of the possibilities, it is necessary to go back to thethings I acquired. It’s kind of a cycle.

The essays mentioned above were written in different styles, but encompasses a common theme. As a mere reader, I consider ‘appreciation’ as their main theme. The things that the writers advised me fall beneath it. While I was reading, I felt like the writers were slowly unleashing their dream to me, get used by them by being their instrument, I pondered. What they revealed to you might be a lot different from what they did to me, so please don’t be skeptic about it. They told methat the day when every creature gets to appreciate even the simplest or tiniest and the visible or invisible thing in the world, is what they are waiting for, and what they think is possible to come to pass. Appreciation is the root of peace. It leads to contentment and the latter to unity with one’s self.


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