How many congested prison cells

Dead men on the street to startle our blank minds on a good day walk

Urban poor protesters facing waves of terror from the police

Squatters sprayed with tear gas when fighting against illegal demolition

Sidewalk vendors losing their goods after being sprayed with kerosene by the MMDA
Farmers and fishermen losing their livelihood in exchange of private infrastructures

Lumads killed in their peaceful mundane day for a mining corporation’s whims

Street children running around the streets

Do we need

To make us realize that criminalizing the poor would force them to actually commit crimes and would show how influenced we are by American’s racialization

That by unceasingly portraying the poor as lumpen, uncritical and irrational in the media,  we taint their image as humans, deny them their rights, and draw them away from job and scholarship opportunities.

What kind of violence and corruption,

How many billions of cash

Can satisfy our greedy souls,

Can stimulate us to give a little genuine heart to the poor



via Daily Prompt: Sated

I want to go to Manila and work with artists, but I can’t yet. I’m fortunately studying in Cebu through a scholarship. This means that I have no choice yet, but to stay here, wait until I graduate, get a job and get a masters degree maybe in Diliman. I have no right to complain about studying in Cebu and waiting ’til I get my own job so I could pursue my dream. I’m even so fortunate to study in the University of the Philippines for free. I could have been studying in a not-so-well-known college since my parents can’t afford sending me to school. But God is so great that He doesn’t just send me to school; he sent me to a prestigious school where quality education can be acquired.

Given that favor from God, I decided not to cling on my plans after I studied in an arts school. I was stuck in thinking of pursuing arts in college, but life surprises me with events that for sure happen for reasons, and would lead me to the successful life more than I imagined. Back then, I was afraid I’m staying in Cebu for four years and I might be missing out some things since I’m gonna stop practicing my craft. But now, I want to surrender my big dream to God and live life for Jesus. I know God knows about my dream, and I know He would grant me this in His perfect time. Or if He won’t, I know He would bring me to an event that’s greater than my dream; maybe something I haven’t thought about. I know God’s thoughts are greater than mine, so I just want to trust Him.

For four years, I unconsciously had a mindset that the world revolves in Makiling only. I thought there’s something more to arts than other fields that people can’t grasp and understand. I thought mastering an art field effectively and creatively, communicating through art, and blowing the minds of the people is the zenith of development communication. I thought life is most preferably lived in the field of arts.

However, as I left Makiling for a year already, my mindset changed. In my first year in college, I met and knew the stories of people from all walks of life– mostly those who have no inclination to arts. I observed them living, and first of all, I realized that to most people, what matters the most is to at least improve their lives. They could be interested to plunge in the arts but it isn’t one of their main agenda for now. Currently, their minds are focused on ways they could earn for living. For the same reason, most PHSA alumni didn’t pursue arts as their field of profession (I interviewed and researched some of them)

Secondly, I realized arts is also a medium of communication. As a mass communication student, I learned the purpose of media, its strengths and drawbacks. It has always been boggling my mind if I’m going to pursue theater arts or mass communication. Since I studied theater arts for four years in Makiling, I was wondering if I’m still in the right track, or if I’m still doing the field I’m passionate about. Then I asked myself what I really wanted to be. I want to be an effective communicator to effect change and development. I believe in the power of communication as a medium for development. And then I thought about how Makiling taught me the purpose of art. Its aims are similar to that of mass communication, except the two functions differently in the society. Both aims to open the minds of the public, to educate them, to trigger the public to move and do something about the information they got, and afterwards, to effect change. Thus, as a communicator, arts can be incorporated in mass media, while mass media could also be used in making works of arts. Both are interconnected with each other.

So now, I can confidently say I’m sated with where I am now and what God has planned for my life.

Silent Scream

Savoring the silence, and the firm unnoticed twisting of my tongue. I believe it’s best this way, speaking only when needed, when my thoughts can’t help but go berserk. I’m convinced it’s best to keep things to yourself since nobody cares anyway. And even if they’d do, they can’t lessen your grievances, pain, frustration and bitterness in any way.

A friend said, “you write, ’cause you’re in pain.”

A friend said, “you write, ’cause you’re in pain.”

I have second thoughts in agreeing with this statement.

Yes, most of the time, I write when my thoughts and feelings overwhelm me. However, I don’t only write about the heartache and circumstances I’m going through. I also write about social issues, and I write journalistic articles.

Saying that people write because they are in pain, heartbroken or anything whatnot, is an overstatement. This is not always the case.

But if some people write through the pain they couldn’t take, they are at an advantage over some people who take drugs, smoke, or drink liquor at their heart’s content–gradually killing themselves while problems similarly kill them–for the lack of a better escape from their hardships.